Bamboo garden benches are especially popular with people, who want their gardens to exude peace and serenity. Bamboo is also a commonly used item for various furniture items because it has a very natural look and provides both durability and comfort. The benches made with bamboos, can have specially designed seats that can be placed in different positions to offer seating areas to different people.

Bamboo has small straight fine grains like oak wood but is usually quite strong and can endure the hardships caused by weather changes in outdoor conditions. Usually the muso variety of bamboo is used for making such garden benches. This variety of bamboo is relatively straight and also has a relatively thicker wall. This makes this particular variety of bamboo extremely strong and durable. This feature also enables the makers of garden benches to fashion the bamboo in various ways so that the finished garden bench can be beautifully handcrafted. Usually bamboo garden benches are handcrafted, while keeping in mind the intricate details of the bench. Usually every piece is sanded and polished that gives the benches a finished yet natural look. These bamboo benches are usually polished with natural oils.

Some of the bamboo garden benches can even be folded, which makes their storage very convenient. The ones with curved or the straight back supports are usually not foldable. There is also a choice of bamboo plank or diamond shaped lattice back rests, which can give the benches a unique look. Most bamboo garden benches are extremely beautiful and contain various handcrafted features that are found either on the backrests or the armrests of the benches. Bamboo benches are usually available in colors of either natural bamboo or of green "muso" bamboo. Most of these benches are moderately priced.