A lot of emphasis has recently been placed on office ergonomics, and it is about time. For years, people wondered why their backs hurt after spending a full day at work sitting in an office chair. Now we know exactly what happens to our frames when we sit too long in an uncomfortable chair. Designers have been working on differing approaches to fix the issues and have come up with some interesting concepts and designs over the last few years that help strengthen our inner core and hold us in balance while we sit and work.

Some of the design features that have become common place that would have been hard to find a few years ago are plastic contoured molding, lumbar supports and gas filled levers that allow chair tilting in multiple increments. Height adjustments along with total control of the back support and even the tilt angle of the chair when at rest is available now.

The covering fabric and insulation materials have also changed to include high density foam or memory foam and name brand fabrics that resist stains and clean up easily with warm soapy water. Print patterns and colors are endless and can be ordered without additional costs, giving the office decorator many more possibilities than the old traditional leather coverings.

Combining all of these features into an ergonomic package that looks good and makes your office complete is what designers have been working on. Some manufacturers have gone far above and beyond the rest providing extra features like heat, low frequency vibration and moving massage rollers for soothing aching tired muscles.

So, how does all of this help you? It starts by allowing your focus to remain on the solutions to problems that you are solving for people, not the aching back and how you need to constantly move and adjust to remain comfortable where you are sitting. Next it allows you more time in the seat, and everyone is more productive when they can sit for longer periods of time without getting up and changing positions.

Having a great chair in your home office is crucial if you are going to survive eight to sixteen hours a day working. If you are working in a chair that is old and is falling apart or one that leaves you tired and sore at the end of a long work day, then you should consider looking into a modern executive chair. Current designs have lots of features that help you survive your daily office experience and keep you feeling fresh and ready to go at the end of a long day sitting.