Who doesn't love a day on the beach? We all have an inherent need to spend time relaxing either alone, or with family, on a beach somewhere. Aluminum beach chairs aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but they certainly add a lot of enjoyment to the time spent on the beach. Take a look at features, durability, comfort, and value when deciding which models may work best for your needs.

When it comes to aluminum beach chairs, one of the features you are sure to appreciate is how light weight they are. I don't like hauling heavy chairs and other stuff from the car to the beach. Anything that can save a little lifting is welcome. Can you imagine trying to lug a big heavy wooden lounge chair down to the shore. It may be wonderful next to your pool at home, but is entirely impractical for a beach trip. Another feature you may enjoy on many of these chairs is something as humble as a basic cup holder. Having a place to set your drink without worrying about it getting accidentally knocked or kicked over is great.

Durability is another concern. Aluminum beach chairs are surprisingly durable for their weight. We've got some aluminum lawn chairs that we've had for many years. Other than faded fabrics, they show no sign of wearing down and we have every expectation that they will continue to last for years to come. The frame is likely to outlive the covering. Fabric coverings won't last as long as the more traditional webbing-type covering, but it is certainly much more comfortable to sit on. Weather will take it's toll on both over time, so consider how much durability to comfort you require.

Speaking of comfort, aluminum beach chairs are comfortable. They keep you up off the sand and allow you to rest easy. Again, the covering makes a big difference. My personal preference is for a fabric covering that is stuffed with batting of some sort for padding. All but the most basic and cheap chairs give enough comfort to get good use out of them before it is time to move on to something else.

When it comes to aluminum beach chairs and making a value determination, they are really no different than any other purchase you might make. You have to do your analysis, no matter how simple or complex, to determine the right ratio between cost and features. A chair that is featureless, uncomfortable, cheaply made, and unattractive has to be almost free to even consider it. Time spent relaxing on the beach is precious and it only makes sense to get as nice a chair as you can. This means being willing to put out a little for some of the things that make chairs comfortable. A good design that fits your body, is a nice color, has a comfortable covering, and has a frame that isn't going to break when it gets used, is going to be worth every penny.

As with other leisure and recreational purchases, do a little homework to determine what you want, then make your purchase in confidence that it will be something to add to your enjoyment of your leisure hours on the beach.