We all like to redo our home interiors from time to time. Some of us spend extravagantly while some of us like to stay within our budget and go easy on the pocket. But no matter how much or how little we spend, we don't like to compromise on style. Now there's a new stylish piece of furniture that has entered the market that is pocket friendly too - fabric tub chairs!

For those of us who are new to the term, tub chairs are cushioned chairs that somewhat resemble a barrel or a tub, with high arm rests and back that give a sort of closed look. Because of its peculiar design, these chairs are immensely comfortable since they provide support to our entire upper body and our thighs.

Tub chairs come in a variety of materials, but those looking for inexpensive options should take a look at fabric tub chairs. They may not be as rugged as their leather counterparts, but they offer the same comfort and a lot more choice in color and feel. You can go in for fabrics such as velvet, microfibre, polyester-cotton or even jute. Suede and faux leather are also affordable options.

Upholstered tub chairs look elegant and you can choose the fabric to match or contrast with your existing furniture. The original tub chair has been altered to suit modern tastes, but the comfort remains the same. The choice in fabric makes them a versatile option to be placed in any room, whether its your drawing room, living room, lounge area or even your bedroom.

The comfort fabric tub chairs provide is unmatched. After a long day at work, one would simply like to sink in to these chairs - swiveling or otherwise - and just soak in the softness. The best part is, since their sort of closed in their construction, they do not take up too much floor space, which makes them ideal for even small apartments. Pair them with a coffee table and you're done!

Another great feature of upholstered tub chairs is that if, after a couple of years, you get bored of the color or print, you can simply get the fabric changed! So you can have a brand new chair, without actually having to buy one! Just make sure it's a sturdy construction that will last you for years.

You can go into any reputed furniture house to experience the comfort of tub chairs before making a choice.