Bar stools are made in numerous shapes and sizes. They come in all sorts of design and are made from a huge variety of different materials. The bar stools also come in adjustable varieties where the user can adjust thebar stool according to their height. But the most important part is that the bar stool also comes with a foot rest. If the foot rest is also adjustable according to the height of the seat from the ground, then it would become quite comfortable for the user.

Nowadays no body has the time and patience to get a bar stool or any stuff for that matter, to be customized and built according to personal preferences. For folks who have all the time in the world, there is always the option of sending out the specific requirements and then asking the carpenter or the furniture maker to create the bar stools exactly according to instructions.

The adjustable height bar stool is always a fine and excellent way of sparing yourself and all your other guests, customers or family who will be using the bar stool along with you, the trouble of having to make do with a stiff bar stool. Imagine having to sit in a stiff bar stool, one which cannot adjust the height of the seat according to requirement. It really becomes uncomfortable especially when it is meant to be used in places where the user needs to sit on such a bar stool for quite some time. The clients who come to enjoy a drink usually do not come in, order a drink, gulp it down as soon a sit arrives and then check out after clearing the bill. They do spend a lot of time nursing their drinks and catching up with their friends or even looking out for a potential date. Here an adjustable height bar stool would be quite handy and exactly what the client asks for. No matter how tall or short your client is, he or she can comfortably adjust the seat according to their height and if it has an adjustable foot rest too, then it is all the more excellent.

Another use of these adjustable bar stools is at home, when you propose to use them as kitchen bar stools. But if the child is small, say around 2 or 3 years old and you have bought an adjustable bar stool for your kitchen and propose to use it as the breakfast seat, then it would still be useful when the child grows taller.