In the modern world people are beginning to express themselves through all activities of life. Most people feel that they must exhibit their sophistication through their choice of furniture. Designed in 1966 by a Finnish designer called Eero Aarnio the acrylic bubble chair is made of clear acrylic in the shape of a bubble which is then suspended from ceiling. Aarnio is widely recognised as a modeller who introduced plastics in furniture design and created an iconic mood by using the futuristic elements from the past eras.

The acrylic bubble chair was the refinement of an earlier design by Aarnio for a ball chair. Aarnio was fascinated by the relationship of man with his outer environment and he finally introduced a sheer acrylic bubble that is supported by a steel ring and suspended form the ceiling by a chain. Thus the bubble chair totally reverses the idea of chair by traditional design. Since the chair is suspended it gives a weird unearthly feeling to the person sitting in it. The acoustics inside the chair Is very good and these chairs are normally found in large places like libraries.

The design of this chair is intriguing in that it isolates the sitter from his immediate environment where people are encouraged to interact with the space around them. These chairs have removed the barriers between seating for business and pleasure. And given today's cheap materials and methods,inexpensive bubble chairs are becoming a vogue in furnishing. Its unique design has taken the furniture world by storm and it really must be the newest craze in furniture designs.

The hanging acrylic bubble chair comes with removable cushions. Those who have set up their bubble chairs to swing gently from a 6 foot chain attached to a ceiling hook feel like they are in a harmonious sphere wholly separated from the sounds of a room filled with many persons. These lightweight bubbles are very resistant to weather, so a cluster of bubbles would be an exciting addition to your porch or patio as well. It has been like a phenomenon that hits the furniture world with the arrival of this unique design. The design of the chairs includes a water channel that drains away water, so the colourful design works well at poolside or hot tub.

With today's modern materials and methods, cheap bubble chairs are a popular way to decorate a room. The bright colors and smooth finishes make the cheap acrylic bubble chair a natural habitat for your toddler. You can choose your acrylic bubble chair from a wide range of colours that will help you to express your personality.