Eero Aarnio's masterpiece has found a new life! With home decor becoming a status symbol, there is rising demand for contemporary furniture with a novel twist. To cater to the market, interior decorators are increasingly relying upon 20th century innovations. The Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair had taken the home decoration market by storm in 1968 and the modern versions promise the same. The popularity of bubble chairs, in addition to the high level of comfort and classy features, can be credited with special acoustic quality. The chair, due to its unique shape, swallows excess noise, thus aiding relaxation.

There are several advantages of having a bubble chair at home. However, you must always purchase with care. Quality is an important factor to consider where furniture is concerned. Therefore, a quality check is essential.

Bubble Chairs: Quality Check Tips

To appraise the quality of your bubble chairs and to ensure that the furniture piece perfectly replicates the features of the original, follow these tips:

Acrylic-make: Aarnio desired a chair whose inside would be well-lighted and which would afford 360 degree visibility. Acrylic served this purpose and more, since it was malleable when heated and could be easily blown into a 'bubble'. Therefore, only the acrylic material would suffice.

Chromed steel ring: The original chair featured a chromed steel ring on which the heated acrylic was placed and then blown. This steel ring had to be welded to the piece and not bolted to it.

Chain quality: Since it is a hanging chair, you have to ensure the quality of the chain. The length of the chain has to be decided in accordance to the height of the ceiling. Cemented ceilings would require an additional hook; otherwise, the chair can be simply screwed onto the ceiling beam.

Weight capacity: For a comfortable chair, make sure you have the correct dimensions - 41"-42" in diameter, 31"-32" in height and approximately 42" in depth. The bubble chair itself can weigh anything between 43 and 61 pounds and must be able to carry a load of 300 pounds (136 kilograms).

Cushions: Make sure that the manufacturer provides a full-sized leather upholstered cushion and not just a small seat cushion. A full-sized cushion will offer greater comfort. The original chair had included a leather cushion. However, you can choose different materials, depending on the decor.