Body Composition Analyzers

Human body elements analysis equipment applies the accurate measurement of AVR micro computer controller, bases on new statistics method DXA, analysis human elements: fat,weight,BMI(body mass index), non-fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis method(MFBIA), give instruction on guests' health, and provide a scientific basis for losing weight effectively.It provide an independent analysis of health data for each test, thus develop new treatment and diet exercise plan to lose weight. Applicable to major fitness, body centers, medical centers, sports scientific and research centers, health management and assessment institution, senior clubs, supporting projects of losing weight.

Data applications:
1. Detect results storage: each bar one group/day
2. Each user database can store data: 180 days to see
3. The historical time-points for comparison: 1, 3,15,30,90,180 days
4. Automatic calculation of body weight and the difference between results and history data.