High-end 5D cinema motion seats with special effects 

Full set hydraulic platform 5D cinema 

1. Platform and seat introduction: 
Our company based on the customer demands, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the market across multiple platforms, solid mechanics, software, years of accumulated technology, concentrate on research, has finally launched a cost effective, highly reliable, rigorous professional 5D pneumatic, hydraulic, electric platform, there are three degrees of freedom, six degrees of freedom. 

The infinite action combination of the high-end hydraulic motion platform. 
Using advanced hydraulic control technology, superior hydraulic platform devices, to achieve 5D seat any 
Infinite combination of actions, and the 6DOF precision position control of the cylinder. The long service 
Life, high reliability, cost effective of the product. Overcome noise and energy consumption problems of the 
Pneumatic seat, to solve the electric seat instability and repair inconvenience, to make the theater more 
Energy saving and environmental protection, and is more suitable for high-end, valued customer groups and top-level KTV, clubs and other entertainment. 

1.3 Hydraulic 6DOF motion platform and seat characteristics, comparison with the industry's low-end hydraulic platform. 
Background: Disadvantages of the industry's low-end pneumatic, hydraulic platform: 
Common discomfort of low-end pneumatic, hydraulic platform: Plot action has been in the past, and the chair is still moving: Or no matter what the plot's range of motion, the chair is an amplitude tamper with a pass, the audience has been out of situations, only a chair chaos moving easily cause the audience to nausea, vomiting, panic shaking win popular support, a sense of discomfort! Can not really enjoy the high-end, honorable, comfortable entertainment experience! 

Hydraulic platform comparison with industry of low-end hydraulic platform: 
5D cinema seat, based on experience in the industry for many years mechanical, electronic, software and the customer needs, from the audience's ultimate entertainment experience to proceed, to develop successful hydraulic 6DOF motion platform and the seat characteristics are as follows: 
1) Abandon the low end of the industry's most fish eye structure, the professional universal junction structure, in addition to noise, mute, action smooth and delicate lifelike synchronization, the unique design of the mechanical parts, professional, long life, maintenance-free, low failure rate; 
2) Using accurate automatic synchronization positioning technology make the seat action completely synchronized with the movie situation, comfortable, smooth, 6-cylinder, each of them can be stopped at any position, constitute the endless angles and combined 
Action can create any movie plot realistically; Kind of the industry's most low-end platform, on each cylinder, two actions, the 6-cylinder only combination of 36 actions, simulated action is very limited. 
3) Achieve a high-end, comfortable noble class entertainment experience, the audience is completely immersed in the plot of the film, excellent immigration sense and sank sense.